Soliton Smart-telecaster Zao was selected by TV Record for mobile broadcast

TV Record in São Paulo cited cost efficient transmission and high quality as the decisive factors for selecting the Soliton Smart-telecaster Zao H.265 mobile encoder after three months of laboratory and field tests. At the end of 2015, a RFP was announced where several mobile coders underwent technical and comparative tests. The selection criteria included the HD transmission performance, total weight for mobility, ease of operation, support, and audio quality among others. The Smart-telecaster Zao encoder excelled in each category offering an excellent cost-beneficial solution, with stable transmission over mobile networks 3G/4G/WiFi. United States affiliate Record News International based in Miami Florida, has also selected the Smart-telecaster Zao to transmit content via IP directly to a server in São Paulo.

The Smart-telecaster Zao is designed and manufactured by Japanese company Soliton, based in Tokyo and is the first H.265/HEVC mobile encoder, providing unprecedented mobility and high video quality even in locations with extremely limited bandwidth. The Soliton Zao is exceptionally stable and ideal for mobile streaming, live sports and journalism applications, connecting up to 6 mobile modems to transmit high quality video and 2 audio channels via 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi.

The inclusion of the H.265 / HEVC video compression standard and the proprietary technology known as RASCOW guarantee efficient transmission, with full HD image quality at a better bit rate. The Zao encoder works with extremely low latency video and provides a dedicated audio bandwidth to support continuous 2-channel audio, and enable reliability in interactive interviews.

The success of the Smart-telecaster Zao with TV Record is a testament to its superior quality, said Cesar Donato, Digital Foccus director. “Zao is a new product on the market and was able to technically outperform the competition and stand alone in terms of efficiency and robustness. The ability to use the maximum bandwidth available from any telecom operator is a great advantage for TV stations in Brazil. Soliton has put a lot of care and skill in the development of this innovative solution that will significantly reduce operating costs and dramatically improve transmission performance”.