Palma International Technology

Palma International Technology is a leading systems integrator and distributor in the US and Latin American production, media, journalism and broadcast industries. Palma is a specialist in mobile video streaming solutions and the transmission of IP signals, integrating a wide range of hardware, software and rental services. Our portfolio of products are focused on innovative, next generation technology and media workflows.

Palma’s partnership with Foccus Digital in Brazil provides over a decade of expertise and experience supplying the international broadcasting market with full project management, integration, installation and simplified international importation options. ¬†Our portfolio of products focuses on high quality solutions that incorporate the latest technology. Palma is a specialist in the buying and exportation processes aligned with countries in Latin America.


Provide technical project planning, systems integration, and simplified international exportation services


Integrating customized end-to-end solutions for the broadcast and radio industries throughout the Americas.


A commitment to excellence through innovation, dependability and supporting our partners.